Discovery Guide Series for Galatians

Robert French

The foundation of a building cannot be seen, but it is extremely important. The stability and life of a building depends on the quality of its foundation. Christians, like buildings, need a solid foundation for their faith. The Gospels lay the foundation for belief in Christ. The best way to get to know Jesus better is to read the Gospels. They give the clearest picture of who Jesus is. People frequently learn something new every time they study the Gospels. This discovery guide makes it easy for many people to lead a group. Even those who do not know much about the Bible can lead a group successfully, because this discovery guide provides appropriate questions for Galatians and the locations in the Bible where the answers can be found. This discovery guide was designed to help you and your group grow in your understanding of Jesus and His teachings. The questions in this discovery guide were designed to guide cells, Bible studies, house churches and small groups to discover and apply Bible truths to their lives. Individuals may also benefit from doing this study on their own. Discovery Guide series are also available in e-book format from the same author for Genesis and the Gospel of Jesus. Other Discovery Guide Series available in print are Exodus, Ephesians, Basic Discipleship and the Life of Jesus.

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