The Secret Story of Shy Shelly 1

Justine Hail

There were not a lot of stories about Shelly. No one talked about her. No one knew her. She had no friend exept Huey Louie, her pet turtle of five years. One night, Shelly wrote on a paper star: I WISH TO HAVE A REAL FRIEND. Her wish comes true when she easily becomes a part of the group called Butterfly Club. For the first time, Shelly sat in the cafeteria with lunch buddies. But when she becomes the seatmate of the mysterious class outcast Vanna, Shelly also discovers a sweet and patient friend in her. But Vanna could never be part of the Butterfly Club. With friends on opposing sides, Shelly must learn what it means to be a true friend.

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Category: Inspirational, Novel

Publisher: OMF Literature

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ISSN : 978-971-009-440-0

On-Sale-Date: 2015/06/01

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Country: Philippines

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Language: English

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  • Stef

    Love this book, and I love Shy Shelly!

    on July 06, 2015
  • Justine

    This is a great read for kids who are introverted.

    on June 25, 2015
  • Michelle

    A must read for every kid. :)

    on June 05, 2015

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