Mythspace: Lift Off (2 of 3)

Paolo Chikiamco

Part 2 of Lift Off! Bros Magkalas has had a busy day: he's learned that the creatures from our folklore are aliens, and they've just abducted him to serve as a living tribute. But if they thought that the rebellious teen would be anyone's slave, they are in for a surprise.

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Publisher: Studio Salimbal

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On-Sale-Date: 2013/10/16

Print Length: 29 pages

Country: Philippines

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  • Kevin

    Aboard the Battleship of Akkatizatizamon, Grand Aegis of the Ymos City Protectorate, a presentation of three rarities are being held. This is done in order to get the entitlement of Free Trade Licenses that aims to give exemptions from planetary taxes and licensing fees for life. Thus, the galaxy's finest bounty hunters have searched the universe for unique items. This has led to Bros capture by Qu, a mecha driving Nuno, and Va-Lis-Ya, a gun-totting manananggal. It continues to amaze us in this story telling of the world of mythspace. The illustrations really help a lot in describing this universe that goes beyond earth. Chikiamco and Koi takes us to new worlds as the universe of mythspace is slowly unveiled in part 2 of Mythspace: Lift Off. This is one comic series that is highly recommended to be read.

    on July 09, 2016

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