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Mina V. Esguerra

Moira Vasquez is a doer. A planner. A get-up-and-goer. At twenty-two, she left her hometown to work in Singapore, to satisfy a need to travel as well as give her savings account a boost. Five years later and she's back in Manila, with a shiny new apartment to her name, but no job, no career, no boyfriend. She meets Ethan Lorenzo, the quiet hunk of an IT consultant on the ninth floor of her condo building, and he's a welcome distraction during this period of having absolutely nothing going on in her life. But she has a plan - of course she does - and this is just a short layover on the way to the next country, the next job, the next big thing. Or will she be missing out on something great that's already there?

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Category: Novel / Romance, Novel / Romance

Publisher: Bright Girl Books

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On-Sale-Date: 2014/01/06

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Country: Philippines

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  • Sue

    It took me a while to finish the book because I couldn't connect to Moira easily. Until the end, I didn't. I was more like Roxie, and I hope she gers her own story. But I did enjoy it, enough to keep coming back to finish the story. Also, it made me think about making quadrants on my life. Haha!

    on February 11, 2015
  • irish

    For those who experience QLC you can relate on this.

    on February 06, 2015

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