One Night Stan

Stanley Chi

HAVE YOU EVER BEEN BASTED? Don't answer that question. Getting basted is a fact of life for all guys, young or old, rich or poor. But why do some guys have a higher batting average than others? It's probably because of this tiny fact: You're too nice. And that is where Stanley Chi, the author of's biweekly column "One Night Stan"-a column that breaks down your ligaw game, provides winning strategies to help you seal the deal with that dream girl of yours, and prevents you from being nice in the game of love-comes in. Now, the column's best entries have been compiled in this book that promises to help you do all of these things: * Determine what kind of manliligaw you are * Find out if a girl is into you * Pinpoint the reasons why you're single * Figure out why you haven't been able to move on from an ex The game will stay the same buddy. But that doesn't mean you can't up your own game.

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  • Roy

    11/10 got me laid -ign

    on July 23, 2015

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