Legacy: One Man to Another

Various Authors

Legacy: One Man to Another is an exhortation to the men of today from over 50 of the Philippines’ foremost Christian leaders and influencers (Bishop Leo Alconga, Cito Beltran, Rev. Butch Conde, Dan Andrew Cura, Ray An Fuentes, Rev. Clem Guillermo, Butch Jimenez, Mari Kaimo, Peter Kairuz, Francis Kong, Rev. Mike Lacanilao, Bertram Lim, Rex Resurreccion, Ardy Roberto, Dr. Alfredo G. Saure, BJ Sebastian * Bro. Eddie Villanueva, and more!) “WHERE ARE THE MEN?” The caliber of men determines to a significant extent the quality of individuals, families, societies and nations. Of late we have seen the effects when men do not rise to the demands of character, involvement and leadership. A sober examination of our society would reveal a dearth of Filipino men worthy of trust, following and commitment. In these turbulent days when our foundations are shaken and men young and old are looking for their bearings, we are privileged to hear 51 voices that will anchor us to steadiness and stability. Legacy features more than a hundred exhortations by some of our country’s foremost Christian leaders and influencers to the men of today, in messages written to their sons, to their children in the faith, to fellow husbands and fathers – to their fellow men. In sharing their most important life lessons, these mentors desire to leave today’s generation of men with a spiritual heritage. Legacy is a valuable resource for mentoring men to start right in life, finish well, and in between, to live in integrity and dignity before their Creator. Welcome the wisdom behind the insights and instructions of fellow sojourners who have looked back to learn, and yet are looking forward to finish well - inviting you to do so with them.

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